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28-Sep-2017 18:57

Trust me, there are plenty of men out there who would love nothing more than to date a woman who is a size 14, so why did she choose a man who didn't feel that way from the outset? On both sides of the Atlantic, women are making the most terrible mistakes when they date, whether that is via the internet, via blind dates or simply meeting men as they go about their lives.

Whenever I hear a woman tell me she's been dating for more than two years without meeting someone suitable, my first thought is: 'What are you doing wrong?

As he recounted his experiences, I rolled my eyes in despair.

What did she think - that her sparkling personality would take away from the fact she'd lied about her weight?

The problem with that woman, and others like her, is that she has no idea of her own league, and sees herself as being a far better catch than she actually is.

As a result, she lets perfectly nice people pass her by.

Had she believed that he would be so bowled over by the colour of her eyes he wouldn't notice her waistline?

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This negativity often continues on dates, particularly for those women who are not over their ex-partner.I have one piece of advice for such women - get over him, or don't date.If you want to spend an evening talking about your ex, do that with your friends, not someone you are dating.Often, they become obsessive and the man feels not that he's got a delightful new girlfriend, but a stalker.

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I know of one woman who buys fake diamond earrings, and then proceeds to accidentally leave one of them at the man in question's flat, simply so that if he doesn't call, she has an excuse to call him, go around to his flat and attempt to win him over.Whatever you do, don't lie about your age or your appearance.

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