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26-Dec-2017 08:00

I also don’t really think it matters, but society has sort of dictated that that is the man’s “job” for better or worse.9.

What does it mean when a guy won’t commit to plans?

If you have a good time with a girl but you have to remember that a guy might be talking with a few others.

Second is that maybe the guy didn’t have that good of a time and wants to just be polite. It could be that he’s not sure if you thought the date went well and he doesn’t want to be rejected, maybe he was looking for something casual and he realized the woman was looking for a relationship and he didn’t want to be an asshole and lead her on.

With that said, I don’t expect every girl to be attracted to me either. Anyone who says that they don’t consider looks are a liar.

If you walk into a room with 50 girls and you don’t know them then the only thing they you can judge them on is looks.

I need to know almost 100% that the woman is interested before I put myself out there.

Every once in a while, the lady can pick up a check as a nice gesture, but splitting a bill or trying to keep it even feels petty. The guy does, it saves an argument and lets the guy show off a little bit.Obviously, you want it to go well, so that’s the main reason.But, more specifically, I worry about running out of things to talk about and getting stuck in a date where there are lots of long, awkward pauses.Female friends of mine have said that the person is probably trying to avoid hurting my feelings because they are not actually interested, which is fine, but it hurts more to just be frozen out because there is still that lingering doubt.

I’d rather just be told up front and not be given the run around. Girls will seem like they are not interested and then get angry with me when I stop contacting them.

Even when I met a girl at a bar it wasn’t a cold pickup, she had known a good friend of mine and we just happened to start talking (not quite friend of a friend, just happened to be in the same area and knew the same person). While I may be breaking some sort of unwritten guy code by saying so, generally I will at least run something by a friend when I’m texting something to a girl, especially if I don’t know her very well or met her online. As a guy, I don’t think we always feel comfortable asking each other questions about how a date went or what to say to a girl you like.

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