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21-Nov-2017 15:33

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However, these relationships can be extremely painful if you don’t have your shit together.You’ve got to have the right attitude, the right mindsets, and a powerful belief system. Most people who come across my BPD and Bipolar lessons here are good people with good hearts.I believe you’ll find the book useful for your situation. Arming yourself with the knowledge of what Borderlines and Bipolar individuals want in a relationship will set you on a new path. I’m not a big fan of the mainstream media, which includes the relationship advice you find on these big branded websites.But I do read them from time to time so I can see what kind of crap they’re preaching to you…You can’t help but want to love them despite their flaws. There’s nothing wrong with loving someone who has BPD or Bipolar.So you end up bending your rules, going out of your way to make their lives happy.

I dated several Borderline women in my 20’s due to the type of upbringing I had. My type of upbringing was very conservative, very needy and codependent, very “put others first before yourself” type of childhood.

Once you commit to this path, it’s hard to pull yourself out of it. I don’t like getting disrespected, insulted, accused, etc. But it happens, and people with BPD, Bipolar (or anyone to be honest) will exploit your weaknesses when they themselves are feeling weak.

Understand: The more successful you are, the more your hater count increases.

If this is your first time reading my blog, then here’s a lesson that I frequently teach: In this case, the type of person you date is the type of person that you are.

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This is usually a big lesson for men and women who read my stuff.

Watch it right here: Obviously I don’t know your exact situation. Before we continue, you might be interested in my free “BPD Cheat Sheet” guide: Once you read through the points I make below, be sure to check your email and read that guide.

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