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29-Oct-2017 05:23

I was forced to resort to picking up a book and reading. Over the course of that summer, I not only read those books front to back, but I sought out many other books on Black history and liberation.As I entered high school, my eyes felt open in a way they'd never been before.It's not easy to find your Bell, Betty or Coretta when most of the girls around you are too busy lusting after Jonathan Taylor Thomas.But, after leaving that particular high school and meeting many smart, strong and beautiful Black women, I realized something I had never taken into account before.While many have been fully cognizant of society's rampant anti-Blackness for far longer than just a few years, it feels like we are in the midst of a revolutionary social awareness unlike anything we've seen since the Civil Rights movement.A whole lot of folks are becoming and celebrating being 'woke.But "woke" Black women specifically deserve better than faux-intellectuals masking anti-Black-woman rhetoric cloaked in Black nationalism.Blackplanet is a social network site for Black and African American people.

And the first step in dating while "woke," is scanning the scene for any sign of hotep life and avoiding them at all costs.Hotep logic is homophobic, transphobic and completely ignorant of intersectionality.Hotep logic places Black women in a binary where they are either, "Queens of the Earth" or "Insta-twerking-Beyonce´-loving hoes," which is nothing more than restrictive misogynoir.See, the problem with hoteppers is that they think they're "woke," but many are just sleepwalkers – people acting like they're fully awake, but truly locked in a state of deep unconsciousness.

Hoteppers aren't for the safety and security of the Black community; they're for Black men.Many of us are looking for life partners, and if they're on some #All Lives Matter ish while we're on our #By Any Means Necessary tip, that will have an adverse effect on any future union.