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Children from already a young age help with collection plastic, empty cans and other stuff which helps to produce some money.

In short Payatas means a big hill with stinking garbage and a source for the incomes of hundreds of families More than 2.6 billion people in the world have one thing in common, which is; they do not have good access to basic sanitation.

The most common diseases are chronic bronchitis, pneumonia and cardiovascular diseases. A lot of conflicts are also because of their habitat, and what they are seen like. The biggest one and the most known one is the Payatas The poorest families live on the Filipinos and collect trash of the dump.

And this is not going away soon, the city has a lot of factors which increases this. One of the dump places is Payatas, on the edge of Manilla. More than 30.000 people, also children, live on this dump.

The government is now busy with discouraging people to use vehicles with high smoke emissions. This happens through the chemical processes who are caused by the scalding and joining together of substances.

Which is a big factor in air pollutions 2005 Population growth (annual %) 1.87 Population, total (millions) 85.50 Life expectancy at birth, total (years) 71.05 Mortality rate, infant (per 1,000 live births) 27.50 GNI (current US$) (millions) 98535 GNI per capita, Atlas method (current US$) 1160.0 Prevalence of HIV, total (% of population ages 15-49) These are the Ten Leading Causes of Illness in the Philippines 1. Around the dump there is a big haze which you can see on a very large distance.

Fortunately it is increasing, in only 14 years more than 1 billion people have received access to sanitation.

Sanitation and wastewater commitments have effectively tripled since 1990 and after that nearly doubled since 2002.

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Which was caused by unsafe water, poor sanitation and hygiene.Thanks to the water pollution the costs increases, which led to more than 6.7 billion in 2006.