Dating for spiritualists

23-Dec-2017 00:04

Lily Dale is very proud of its reputation as the place to visit when looking for guidance in living a life according to Spiritualist beliefs.Lily Dale strengthened its reputation as a center for the Spiritualist community in the early 1920s, when the home of the modern movement’s founders, Kate and Margaret Fox, was moved to town.Spiritualists do not believe in “death” but that the spirit lives on after the living embodiment is gone.Spiritualists believe that those who have gone in body but live on in spirit will often communicate with the living and it is the responsibility of those in the world to be open and receptive for these communications.Should you be interested in a personal reading by a psychic who works with mediums, give Psychic Sofia who is an ordained minister of the Spiritualist Church.

Current Modern Spiritualist groups estimate their membership to be more than 200,000 in the United States –epicenters of the movement can be found in Ohio at Ashtabula, in Massachusetts at Lake Pleasant and in Lily Dale, New York.

Meetings and appointments with spiritual healers and mediums are available to visitors who feel they would benefit from one-on-one attention from mediums and spiritualist.