Dating mommas boy

06-Jul-2017 01:35

A man who respects his mother is a man who respects women.While we all say we want some “bad boy” who can ignite our passion and take us on wild adventures, when it comes down to marriage, we should be looking for slow and steady, not hot and heavy.Need some confidence for that diet you are about to go on or that test you are about to take. A momma's boy can be your best friend, motivator, lover, personal trainer, comedian, and anything else you need him to be. Emphatic enough to talk to you through a hard time? All the makings of a good boyfriend/husband apply here.He will always be there right behind you every step of the way. He will see a woman's worth beyond sexuality and beyond just being there only when he wants you there.Momma's boys have been taking advice from their moms their whole life.What makes you think if you have something really important to say or a strong opinion on something, that he won't consider your thoughts?This is undervalued because of all of the sexism that goes around in this country.

Just like many others, at first I thought his relationship with his mother was sweet.

You can bet if he treats his mama right, he’ll treat you right, too.

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