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12, 2010, because he needed to see his wife and talk about seeing his daughter.The defendant saw Gonzalez with a male friend and was going to confront him, but left and returned to the campus with a knife, Sheela said.Gonzalez-Fletcher said there was nothing untoward about the fundraising and did not rule out doing it again.

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“Even if you don’t have a personal stake in it, why should these groups get it when all these other groups aren’t even in the competition?Board member Paul Worlie said none of the three board members are being paid for their service and that disclosure was meant to be forward-looking.“As the organization grows, 3WM wants to have the flexibility to add staff members who could be considered ‘officer,’” he said by email.Worlie works for the San Diego public relations firm Nuffer Smith Tucker, which had a ,000-per-month contract with the nonprofit to perform media communications and other services. Gonzalez-Fletcher announced she was dating Fletcher in September 2015.Months after Lorena Gonzalez and Nathan Fletcher began their well-publicized romance, a courtship that culminated in a New Year’s Day wedding, the San Diego assemblywoman solicited tens of thousands of dollars in donations to her then-boyfriend’s fledgling charity.

The 2016 contributions came in chunks of ,000 and ,000 from some of the best-known special interests in Sacramento — Chevron, Big Pharma, San Diego Gas & Electric and the tribal councils in charge of the Barona and Viejas casinos.Perez said he took the trolley and a bus to Chula Vista, stole his roommate’s car and drove to the border.