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29-Sep-2017 03:59

When we talked about Cam Newton’s comments, she said she’s often had more fruitful conversations with athletes than with co-workers and editors.

Howard, 57, says being a minority or a woman in the mostly white, overwhelmingly male world of sports journalism means being overlooked and undervalued.

My experience has been that women sports writers tend to be diligent and professional to the extreme, out-working their male counterparts because they are put in a position to have to earn the respect of athletes that may be more freely given to men.

Most all of the women sports writers I know can tell you stories about the vulgar, sexist garbage they see directed at them that males do not.

Howard assured me that I wasn’t imagining this then and that it hasn’t completely changed now.

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But let that not obfuscate what has her in the news this week.Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton thought it was funny to hear a woman sports writer ask a question about route-running during a press conference this week.