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This paper examines a single case of story telling between a couple in a long-distance relationship conducted via video calling.

Drawing on Membership Categorisation Analysis (MCA) we examine the way the teller incrementally reveals information about a character in order to build a story of coincidences.

He was known to expand the meaning of "bitch" to a more modern definition. television, the character Emily Litella (1976-1978) on Saturday Night Live (portrayed by Gilda Radner) would frequently refer to Jane Curtin under her breath at the end of their Weekend Update routine in this way: "Oh! In the film Accepted the character Glen satirically states "This kitchen is bitchin" when he finds the kitchen to be less than stellar.

He used it to represent favorable qualities such as ferocity, edginess, and grit. Bitchn' is also used as a self-description in the film Bring It On.

One of the first instances of "bitch" being used in this way is in the song "Da Baddest Bitch" by Trina, released in 1999.

This use of the word bitch shows women reappropriating the meaning to be a more positive and empowering word for women.

This new found freedom women possessed upset the male-dominated society making anti feminist men of the time feel threatened, possibly leading to retaliation through name-calling. K.) with "The Bitch Is Back", in which he says "bitch" repeatedly. During a cheer the cheerleaders describe themseleves as "I'm bitchin', great hair, the boys all love to stare." Modern use can include self-description, often as an unfairly difficult person.

The Oxford English Dictionary within the nineteenth century described the insult as “strictly a lewd or sensual woman”.

Between 19, the use of "bitch" in newspapers and literature more than doubled.

Ernest Hemingway was a strong proponent of the term during this time. " Bitchin' arose in the 1950s to describe something found to be cool or rad.

As she is the goddess of the hunt, she was often portrayed with a pack of hunting dogs and sometimes transformed into an animal herself.

The early applications were to a promiscuous or sensual woman, a metaphorical extension of the behavior of a bitch in heat.

In the film The Women (1939), Joan Crawford could only allude to the word: "And by the way, there's a name for you ladies, but it isn't used in high society - outside of a kennel." At the time, use of the actual word would have been censored by the Hays Office. I'm the bitch in the house." Generally, the term bitch is still considered offensive, and not accepted in formal situations.

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