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27-Jun-2017 19:39

News of the Ashley Madison breach broke July 19, and dates in the files leaked Tuesday suggest they were stolen during the three weeks prior.

The attackers, for example, appear to have run some of the commands that extracted data from ALM servers on July 1.

The Impact Team, asked if they planned to target other web sites, told Motherboard they would target "any companies that make 100s of millions profiting off pain of others, secrets, and lies.

Maybe corrupt politicians [too]."But before we get ahead of the headlines, let's examine some of the most important lingering questions about Ashley Madison and the hack.

The hackers have been good so far about operational security around their release of the data, according to Cabetas.

They released files in the first batch of data, which contain little metadata compared to other types of files.

This kind of attack targets a vulnerability in a software application running on the site in order to cause the site's backend SQL databases to spill their data. You could use Pass1234 from the internet to VPN to root on all servers."In an initial interview after the breach was first reported in July, Avid Life Media CEO Noel Biderman suggested the perpetrator may have been a former contractor or someone else who had legitimate access to the company’s networks at one time."We’re on the doorstep of [confirming] who we believe is the culprit,..." Biderman told Krebson Security last month.

Ashley, however, was not hacked in this way, according to Joel Eriksson, CTO of Cycura, which is helping investigate the breach. "I’ve got their profile right in front of me, all their work credentials.

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"And they might be able to match semantic patterns with other writing patterns found online." He notes in particular that among the documents the hackers released were a couple of 'zines, including one written in Polish, for which the hackers also supplied a rough translation that was likely run through Google translate."The more information you put out, the more patterns can be detected," Cabetas says.It appears to contain an email spool for Avid Life Media CEO Noel Bidman.

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