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05-Aug-2017 00:30

I text her once more to see if she's possibly changed her mind. It's easier for them this way for the dudes are being pushy with getting a number. But I find it strange that they'd be willing to give out the number when those crazy psycho dudes probably would never EVER stop calling / texting. Perhaps you sound less impressive on the phone, or your texts are creepy.

I hit on this waitress at a local restaurant and she's all smiles, didn't hesitate to give me the digits, seemed excited about it in fact. You said you can handle a no, well a lot of dudes can't and keep pushing. Let's keep in touch though, you never know." Then two days later she shows up wearing no panties and spends the night. Then after that she gives me the cold shoulder, and tells me she made a mistake. On the flip side, though, I've been ignoring this one girl's texts for the past week. May be somewhat interested then, but not so much later.

I've recently gotten back in the dating game after being out for years. Second time this happened I was having a convo at work with a woman about skiing and I told her how I have never been skiing before. If you don't mind confrontation it's not a problem, but most women are not overtly confrontational.

Can someone explain this shit to me please because it's starting to really get to me. Break the customer down until you at least get three.

I have my suspicions as to why this is, but really don't want to derail your thread and risk being banned by voicing them. I know there is still an unwarranted stigma attached to it, but you can at least be sure every woman there is actually looking for a date.

We are powered by the latest in video and audio software. Whether you prefer busier or quieter rooms, regardless of race, age or sex, we have diversed enough to have you covered.

I usually am the one to hit a girl up at first and after we've kicked it a couple times, I let her seek me out. Last time I got a fake number was ages ago, I suppose it's harder now since people call each other on the spot to add each other.

Before, they could give you a random ass number (the one I got was for a flower shop lol, still remember haha).

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By this point I already know what a lot of you are probably thinking; Force, maybe you're doing or saying something to turn these women away. I don't bombard them with text, I'm always polite when I speak to them, I don't say weird awkward shit or even make jokes (a lot of jokes so easily get lost in translation in texts. I know the do's and don'ts of asking women out and how to conduct yourself like a decent human being when speaking with them. Some also like the attention even if it's from stringing along guys that they have no interest in. Too many men are douchebags who can't no as a serious answer so some women find it easier just to play aloof until the guy gets bored/frustrated and gives up. You said you can handle a no, well a lot of dudes can't and keep pushing.

you see it in sales too- don't take the first "no" for an answer.

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