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It told me not to worry, as I was covered in full for the items. I feel strongly that an institution of this size should honour the original promises made. After you had called the Halifax, you did indeed receive a letter attaching a claim form.It said a claim form would be sent and the matter would take around two weeks to process. Particularly, it should bear in mind that we have been loyal customers for a long time and £3,000 is a small penalty to pay to keep the customer happy and the reputation of the Halifax intact. You completed this with understandable confidence of being repaid, given what bank staff had told you. You received a curt reply which explained that, in March 2005, the credit card insurance you had relied on to cover the theft of appliances had been discontinued. You wrote and threatened to move your not insubstantial accounts elsewhere.Presumably this offer was made to encourage people to retain their cards once the initial offer period had expired.It appealed to me and I kept my card for this reason alone and made a balance transfer in October 2004. You were conscious that balance transfer fees were being introduced for new Egg customers and asked how this would affect you.You were told on two occasions that no fee would apply.

We have £10,000 to invest in her name and visited Abbey to seek advice.

In recognition of the trouble you and your brother have been put to, Abbey has paid £150. If you have already taken this up at a senior level with the organisation concerned, try The Credit Services Association on 01.