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06-Sep-2017 03:59

To say the least this did not go over very well with my girlfriend and she broke up with me.

But man did I ever get a laugh out of the class for doing it.

Now, I did not want to do that, but I did it anyway (she was kind of bossy). Now during lunch I accidentally spilled my orange juice, with nothing to wipe it up with...except..yeah you know where this is going.

The cabbage patch doll was wearing a cotton jumper and a diaper so, I soaked up the spilled orange juice with it's butt.

FML Today, while driving home, I saw a cop with a speed gun "hidden" by the side of the road.

I went to slow down so the fuck-knob wouldn't be able to ticket me. I agree that my father's response was probably just from shock.

I then had a brain-fart and floored the gas instead of hitting the brakes. FML Today, I had to stand up on a train for my 4-hour journey. Two pregnant women flew into unbridled rage with me over sitting in the priority seating, saying I was selfish. He called me not long after we hung up the first time and apologized for reacting that way.

I am the youngest of his children and his only daughter, he may just not be ready to let me go yet.

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This was when I was like 10, hey it was the eighties, and I had this girlfriend who insisted I take her cabbage patch doll to class with me.We decided that my friends all had attractive celebrity lookalikes, including Scarlett Johansson and Hayden Panettiere.When it was my turn, they decided that my "celebrity" lookalike is the Pillsbury Doughboy.They refused to believe me, and insisted that I be in on time or else there would be disciplinary actions taken. My mother walked in on me and I flipped backwards off the bed. The woman then taps me on the shoulder and yells, "Shut the fuck up!

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Maintenance wasn't available till 3 hours into my shift. ER and 10 stiches above my eyebrow later, I asked her not to ever bring it up again. All of a sudden, the woman next to me starts laughing uncontrollably and talking to her friend during the movie. " FML actually all you haters out there, i didn't have enough room to put my response!Today, I received an email from a potential employer with an awesome job opportunity.

Worked hand in hand on the day watch together, then was moved to power watch as partners.''I'm going to miss you.' 'Anything we said, he would turn it into something funny,' said Jasmi Brown, a year behind Mc Neil in the accounting class and now a fifth-grade teacher in Stafford, Texas.… continue reading »

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