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Also, the massive success of Me talking about Chris Kraus talking about Kathy Acker talking about Bernadette Mayer is like Camille Paglia talking about Susan Sontag talking about Simone Weil talking about Jesus Christ—it's not a comparison that I find particularly favorable to me. Kraus and I have never met and never spoken and yet it's clear that we both care deeply about the parasocial and we're both willing to take an excess of liberties about it.We force ourselves into one-sided relationships will people a few rungs above us, the heroes about which we are uneasily ambivalent, in ways that allow us to become the other person or sometimes even self-fulfill into a real, lived connection after we fantabulized it on the page.has been one of fall's tightest albums, and "Need Your Love" is undoubtedly its centerpiece: an old-school jam that showcases Harding's powerful voice and some catchy grooves.Synths anchor the retro-sounding song in the present, and there's nothing dated about Harding's sentiments.For more than a decade, Grizzly Bear has been praised for a brand of ornate rock that is, from a songwriting perspective, less memorable than contemporary music from peers also exploring baroque pop or progressive folk styles.The few years leading up to the band's breakthrough album Yellow House (2006) saw the release of Rufus Wainwright's Want One and Belle and Sebastian's Dear Catastrophe Waitress, both in 2003, Heavy Blinkers' The Night and I Are Still So Young and Magnetic Fields' i, both in 2004, and Joanna Newsom's Ys and Midlake's The Trials of Van Occupanther, both in 2006.There are two types of people in the world: people who love cheese jokes, and liars.

Most importantly for producers Fred Jasper and Mason Williams, the compilation serves as an argument establishing African-American church music as an often under-appreciated tributary into not just the soul but also the heart of rock 'n' roll.Here are the most ingenious ways you can tickle your funny bone at someone’s expense this April Fool’s Day without having to break the bank.Although it’s actually more likely you’ll get hit by lightning than win the Powerball, there’s no harm in letting a friend think they hit the jackpot with these fake winning lotto tickets (.90 for six tickets).Thus ruin has been present in Grizzly Bear's music since these musicians released their first album together, but Painted Ruins is an extended rumination on ruin, particularly in the way Svetlana Boym articulated the connotations of ruins as "remainders and reminders." Remainders and reminders, present as mentioned in the musical forms of Painted Ruins, permeate the lyrics of the album, assessing what's lost, what's left, and what can be learned.

In "Mourning Sound," love is the thing that ages, left to "burn out and die". some thousands of years built up / some crumbling form to be torn down / living in a pile / tangled in a pile." "Losing All Sense" might well be a summary of the album's relationship to ruin: "take the past, own your scars, let it show." "Aquarian" involves "the knowledge you can’t win with what remains" and "burning ground / that separates this mind from all that’s passed." Perhaps most poignant is "Neighbors," which confronts breaking bodies and the fact that "every passing day / our history fades away." In the end, the chief irony of Painted Ruins is that this album tackling the heavy subject of all things crumbling and passing ends up being the band's most alive, cohesive offering.

Girl, he needs your love, and whether you want to give it to him or not, I bet you'll find it hard not to dance. Evans: "Mustn't Hurry" is another excellent Fever Ray song that operates on varied planes of meaning and will thrill devotees while still likely remaining a little too weird for your average pop fan. I would rather have Karin Dreijer examining a speculum in a sort of emotionless haze that scarcely belies the complexity of depth awaiting dutiful students than another performative pop song and video with cliché subjects and imagery.

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