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Start watching and deepen your understanding of this alternative relational database system.You'll want to give the database link a better name, use the appropriate userid/password to connect to the remote database, and configure your TNSNAMES.They still have to create a local ODBC connection on their computers to connect to Server B.Is there anyway that they can access the Access database and not have to create a local ODBC connection?Net Beans IDE provides drivers for the Java DB, My SQL, Oracle, and Postgre SQL database servers so that you can connect to these databases very easily.You can also register any other JDBC driver with the IDE, so that you can explore any database that provides a JDBC driver.done, HEROKU_POSTGRESQL_SILVER Promoting postgresql-addon-name to DATABASE_URL on sushi...

The editor is customizable and you can extend it with new features via plugins.

If the query returns the date, then the link works properly.

Once the link is set up, you can either issue a command to modify the data in the remote database when you modify the local database, or you can use a database trigger.

The code is called from the Auto Exec macro or can be run manually or from a form. Connect = str Connect ' and refresh the link tdf PUBS.

Note that this is not my code but I've been using it for a very long time and don't recall where I originally got it. Option Compare Database Public Function Re Link Tables() Dim db PUBS As DAO. Table Def Dim str Table As String Dim str Connect As String Dim In File As Integer ' Set the following variables tosuit your DB connection Dim Server As String Dim Database As String Dim User As String Dim Password As String On Error Go To 0 Set db PUBS = Nothing Set db PUBS = Current Db str Connect = "DRIVER=;" _ & "SERVER=" & Server & ";" _ & "DATABASE=" & Database & ";" _ & "UID=" & User & ";" _ & "PWD=" & Password & ";" _ & "OPTION=" & 1 2 8 32 2048 16384 ' Refresh Access linked tables For Each tdf PUBS In db PUBS.tabledefs ' Only attempt to refresh link on tables that already ' have a connect string (linked tables only) If Len(tdf PUBS. Refresh Link End If Next ' Refresh Connect String for all Pass-Through Queries 'str Msg = "Refreshing links for all Pass Through Queries." 'Do Cmd. Heroku Postgres is a managed SQL database service provided directly by Heroku.

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