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His life was taken up with this new group of friends, family and his career.Some friends she thought leading him into things she always thought he would have more cop on than to get involved in but obviously he was more easily lead than she realized.Isabella then started to get impatient dancing around outside the park to get in and play with her friends.Camille had to run after her to get her to put her coat on.

He was her only true real grown up love probably the only one that she would ever know and yes she had boyfriends before him and afterwards she went on dates when pushed but she had no interest in any other man and Isabella needed to be cared for and there was always something to do if she felt lonely.There were of course times when she could have done with her best friend.Like when the time Isabella got sick four weeks after she was born and it had not been easy but with the help of her family she got there even though she did not talk much to them about how she really felt about everything.Camille knew when Moose got the job there that Sophie would try everything in her power to get Moose for herself but she never thought that he would fall for it because he was her best friend and her soul mate and she trusted him that he would never let her down or so she thought but yet, he did. Camille often bumps into her other ex Jake who is also a friend of Sophie's from MSA.

Moose is now living with Sophie in the same area as Camille has just moved to. Tyler and Nora are married with twins (one girl and one boy).

She couldn't have managed without them but now that they had children too they had moved to be nearer to their parents as well and Isabella needed to be near her family.

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