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26-Dec-2017 13:51

In a hyper-masculine society, those feelings end up touching the nerve endings of emotions that aren’t very “manly” and it’s scary to have a love penetrate your soul so deeply that it threatens to reveal your true, intrinsic self; the vulnerable self we go to great lengths to conceal.Not only do men love deeply, but we also love expeditiously.When it comes to interactions with women, for men, it’s easier for us to keep things physical and casual.Investigating the depth of our emotions can be confusing and scary, but skin-to-skin contact is more easily defined and almost soothing in it’s tangible simplicity.For the most part, my answer has been, “I guess it depends on the guy,” but as I mature and learn more about myself and how relationships work, I realize it’s deeper than that.In some ways, the answer is simplistic, but in many ways it requires serious digging.But for men, that doesn’t immediately disqualify her from being everything we’d want in lust.

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You didn’t fail on some interpersonal level, you just didn’t find the right match and that’s not easy for women or men.That’s not an easy question to answer because in many ways, it’s not explainable. How do you define what satiates the most undefinable parts of your desires?

Maybe that is not the kind of girl that you imagine hanging out with, but hey, to each his own.… continue reading »

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