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17-Oct-2017 09:05

In contemporary China, a typical wedding celebration includes the get together of families, friends, colleagues and acquaintances, a luxurious motorcade, and a bounteous banquet to be followed by bedroom stunts that are infused with sexual and reproductive innuendos.

Bridesmaids play a key role throughout the whole process, from greeting guests at the wedding venue and posing for photo ops, to drinking wine on behalf of the bride and guarding the boudoir.

Weddings today have become a social display during which Chinese newlyweds receive recognition and blessings from acquaintances and families.

But like the procession of a luxurious and high-profile wedding motorcade, a bridesmaid is often objectified as part of the wedding display.

I’m an honest man, with a decent career based business and strong values.

Browse through our personals and meet like-minded Kenyans interested in serious dating.In more civilised cases, such stunts could involve the presentation of gifts such as peanuts (hua sheng), which share an identical pronunciation with “giving birth” (sheng) in Chinese. In many cases, however, the stunts can go far beyond the mere symbolic.