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[]Music has obviously played a huge role in getting you through some very tough times. A lot of people seem to view it as a burden because it does hurt to try to sit down and try to get the words and the music right.

It's not an easy job, but it's an important job.

It came from feeling very frustrated and sad over miscommunication and not being able to get on the same page so to speak with someone that I love very much. I got really lucky and didn't need any more words than are there. He's just fantastic, one of the best guitar players in the world.

Musically, I've sort of mined that territory before, but I feel like it's probably the best I've done that particular thing to date. He's also very nurturing to me, we have a long relationship and I felt like we needed to make music together again for a lot of reasons.

This particular day we cut four or five songs in the morning and "Thunderstorm Hurricane" was on the list.

He made it really, really special."Mama Let the Wolf In" has some of the most ferocious vocals you've probably ever done.

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Earle was "rebellious" as a youngster and dropped out of school at the age of 16.

about feeling powerless as a parent and not being very happy about it.

I'm going to say I wrote a song about the end of my marriage because marriages end every day. It's just what the job is — being able to reflect your own experience and put it in a common language so that people can commune.] I have so much to do, running a record label is not one of the things I want to put on my list!

There's a line about the wolf being a "big bad motherfucker," which is kind of startling.

It's about how I feel about my son having autism.Those tragedies include the murder-suicide of her parents in 1986, when Moorer was 14 and older sister, singer Sheby Lynne, was 17.

During their wedding reception after the ceremony, Elton John entertained their wedding guests for the reported million fee.… continue reading »

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