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Each week on "I Want It That Way," Bustle's sex and relationships podcast, Lifestyle editor Kathryn Kattalia and associate Lifestyle editor Gabrielle Moss take on topics like cheating, sexual health myths, and how soon we'll all be dating robots — along with interviews with top sex and dating experts ranging from doctors to professional pick-up artists.

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If you're not seeing the sexy side of the "Cantina Band" song, you're not alone.

Wrote one Gizmodo Australia commenter: "That's awesome.

Na de gratis inschrijving kan je een beslissing nemen of de sexdating site iets voor jouw is. Er bestaan een heleboel sites, maar weinig bieden er enige waarde.

De sexdating industrie heeft verschillende problemen. Er is natuurlijk makkelijk geld mee te verdienen en dat is een aantal oneerlijke figuren en bedrijven niet ontgaan.

(Heck, I picked it for my piano recital somewhere around 1979, but ended up canning it for "Alley Cat" because uh, I didn't practice a lot and "Cantina Band" requires some serious talent.)But is it a sexy tune?

Up there with the stylings of Barry White or other sensual musical offerings? On Tuesday, Valentine's Day, music service Spotify released a list of the Top 10 sex and date-night tracks, and "Cantina Band" was Australia's No. Spotify searched Australian Spotify playlists that use the words "Valentine's Day," "Valentine's," "love" or "sex" in their titles.

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