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05-Oct-2017 02:27

I used to always ask magicians how they did tricks and they never gave it up, so it was cool to be on the other side.

I did it for about six months until I realized that I hated Sunday mornings with little kids. My girlfriend and I create film and theatre together as well.

Do you share any personality traits with Vincent Keller? It’s a big brand, but for some reason they only have the spray-on deodorant in Australia and New Zealand, so I brought over a case to the state. I tried to use one of their unisex fragrances once but it just made me feel ill. We don’t get to go on actual dates much because we’re so busy, so we like to cook and stuff like that.

Although I’m normally a very chilled-out person, I do have temper on me. Actually, I was really impressed by her work ethic on set—she’s extremely professional. Her character is a very strong female character, both emotionally and physically. But when I do plan a date, I like it to be grand and expensive.

As both the audience and Catherine discover more about him, we’ll see if that pulls her closer or pushes her away. The art of clowning goes a long way back, you know. We got this beach shack right on the beach, on the sand and the water.

The guy took me in and showed me all kinds of magic tricks and revealed how they worked. See, I like to make a date an event, not an awkward dinner or movie night.

Here are some things to do to create the Ultimate Beauty and the Beast Date Night In.

I kept it pretty simple since there was only 2 of us.

This week my husband and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary.